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Luxury Colombian Chocolate

Our chocolate story starts with meeting this guy (above). Today Barry looks more like Bruce Willis than I think the OG does. Barry travels the world training people in how to process cacao into couverture. From war zones to the desert, Barry is somewhere sharing his skills, with the occasional trip to the gym in between.

When we first started working with Barry, we didn’t have a clue about chocolate or the fact that it has such a wide radical range of potential flavours.

The Colombian chocolate that we source, has previously been a guarded secret. This is mostly because of our relationship with an old friend, rather than the chocolate provenance.

What can we tell you about our chocolate? For over 100 years our chocolate has all been a series of long-term goals. Working with small producers and caring about their welfare. Education for the children of the workforce and protection of the environment.

With a handful of their own farms and their own research station that educates and trains across 6 states of Colombia, the scale of difference that they can make is on a big scale. Some stats below:

  • In the last 3 years, they have been able to invest £4 million pounds in sustainability projects.
  • In 2021 more than 2300 families in rural communities in Colombia benefitted from projects in education, entrepreneurship, human rights enforcement, environmental protection, and farmer productivity among others.


So if you are munching on buttons, whilst sitting on the sofa or making divine hot chocolate, please know this chocolate comes from a great place.