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Coffee in Australia Part 1.


This is a brief overview of our visit to both Melbourne and Sydney over the past few weeks.

When I travel, I love to see how things are different in coffee. Because almost no one reads this I can write almost anything! No, seriously, on occasion my writing does need to be censored 😉.

As an example, in most cities in Australia, you will have to hunt hard for coffee after 3 pm. Part of this is because people get up early, take their exercise for the day (hop, skip, jump, cycle, etc) and grab a coffee on the way to work. Brunch is a big thing too.

Coffee recipes seem to have homogenized a little. In the UK the obsession with all things 17g into 34g of espresso seems (to me) more logical than the big 21g throws that are using the same ratio but have made lattes, and flat whites. Let me clarify that. If I am using 17g of coffee in a cup of coffee, then the smallest is a flat white at 5-6oz. The cappuccino could be 8-9oz and a latte a bit bigger. Each drink is different.

In the places that I visited in Australia, it was common for shots to be split and this meant that the average drink was 10.5g of coffee into 21g of liquid. A flat white is effectively now a latte and there is now a large flat white. Now in the UK, you could possibly order a great white 🦈. This would be more like 34g of ground coffee, into 68g of espresso in your 12oz drink… Because I was visiting one of my best friends I got a 21g/42g flat white. It was a thing of beauty and tasted great.

The next point of interest for me was just how many coffee shops there were. We are talking about 3 or 4 coffee shops per block of 30 shops in some areas. Like the UK, many of the High Street shops were former “cash businesses”, now contactless (of course). By this, I mean hair-dressers, Barbers, and florists. It also turns out that in the city, if you stayed open after 3, you had a queue!

Over all:

Milk-based drinks are still the most popular.

We got a few delicious V60’s in Melbourne at Market Place Coffee