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In the last 4 years, we have bought a small amount of espresso cleaning products from an Australian company (Evo Caffeto)  to the green version of Pulycaf, known as Puly Verde, I am guessing from Italy. Each change we have taken has been about maintaining price (for you guys) and an ecological product for everyone and now we have a different solution.

We were sent some samples from a small British company that manufactures organic espresso and grinder cleaning products. This excited me on multiple levels.  Miles, Britishness, organic, distance. It all sounds great so far, right?

In my testing, I just had to get used to the fact that the espresso cleaner didn’t froth jup like the old vinegar and bicarb model. But it does clean. I had this discussion with the team who manufacture it and their chemist was adamant that the foaming agent doesn’t do the cleaning. In case this is wrong, it’s my analogy: If you think about the foamiest washing-up liquid water, did it make things cleaner or just foamy?

The grinder cleaner is so good, I found myself cleaning burrs (sad moment?) for the fun of it. The grinder cleaning agent looks very much like large yellow mustard seeds. Seems to do a great job.

We now have the espresso machine cleaning powder, the grinder cleaner, and cleaning tabletss for the likes of Sage machines and other smaller espresso machines.